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The Best Sink Types For Stone Counters

Now that you have decided to add a stone counter to your kitchen, it is time to consider the many different sink options.  It was not long ago when most sinks were fairly similar.  However, times have clearly changed.  Take a look at the sinks on today’s market and you will be inundated with an absolute avalanche of information pertaining to sink types, styles, sizes, unique aesthetics and so on.  However, some sinks are particularly attractive when added to stone counters.  Let’s take a look at the best of the best.

Integral Sinks

Integral sinks are unique in that they are comprised of the same material used in the countertop itself.  This variety of sink is the most popular for granite and soapstone countertops.  Integral sinks require minimal maintenance, proving quite easy to keep clean even if your kitchen is used at a high frequency.  As long as you love the look of your stone counter, you will be more than happy with your matching integral sink.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are optimal for granite counters.  This variety of sink includes a support system below the counter that makes the lip completely unnecessary.  Add an undermount sink to your stone counter and it will have quite the sleek aesthetic.  Furthermore, undermount sinks are also favored as they permit both water and food crumbs to drop down into the sink, making it easier to clean the area and keep the bugs away.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are quite popular as they are versatile and durable.  Add in the fact that stainless steel visually complements stone counters and it is easy to understand why the two are being used together in kitchens across the world.  Your stainless-steel sink will prove resistant to stains and heat.  In fact, this variety of sink can even be installed overmounted or undermounted, as a double basin sink or a single sink.  Furthermore, stainless steel sinks are quite affordable compared to other sink materials. 

Porcelain Sinks

Opt for a porcelain sink and you will have nearly limitless options in terms of color.  This is your opportunity to pick the perfect shade for your new sink to reinforce the beauty of the surrounding stone counter.  Though porcelain is not exactly the most durable sink material, it is only the outside layer of the sink that is enameled with porcelain.  The interior of a porcelain sink likely has cast iron, capable of lasting several decades when properly cared for. 

Most porcelain sinks used in combination with granite countertops are undermounted.  Do some shopping and you will likely find quite the expansive range of porcelain sink prices, many of which will prove more affordable than composite.

Cast Iron and Fireclay

Cast iron and fireclay sinks are quite popular for use in stone counters as well as other counters.  Fireclay is favored as it is resistant to chipping, proves nonporous and is easy on the eyes. 

Sinks of the cast iron variety are built to stand the test of time.  Contrary to popular belief, cast iron sinks are available in several different colors, one of which is sure to add to the aesthetic appeal of your stone counter.