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The Top Kitchen Design Trends Heading Into the New Year

Kitchen design trends are becoming increasingly dynamic as time progresses. Kitchen aesthetics remained relatively stagnant for decades only to give way to a number of intriguing design breakthroughs in recent years. Kitchen design elements continue to evolve into 2020 and beyond. Let’s take a quick look at the top kitchen design trends likely to emerge in 2021.

Backsplashes That Make a Statement

Most people have not spent much time thinking about the look of their kitchen backsplash as it serves a purpose instead of making a fashion or design statement. Backsplashes are generally viewed as afterthoughts. Though backsplashes have been traditionally used to protect walls, homeowners are now using backsplashes as an opportunity to enhance the look of their kitchen.

Some homeowners are adding tile backsplashes that climb all the way up the wall to improve their kitchen aesthetic. In short, kitchen backsplashes are quickly transitioning from something that provides a function to an improvement in the room’s form. Enhance the look of your kitchen backsplash and you will have made a true statement with your kitchen’s design.

Sustainability is En Vogue

Eco-friendly kitchens are all the rage now that awareness of our planet’s fragility is heightened. Look for that many more homeowners to add upcycled and sustainable materials to their home in the year ahead. From repurposed materials to bamboo, environmentally friendly kitchen appliances, low-emission products and beyond there are all sorts of different ways to create a sustainable kitchen.

Double Islands

It was not long ago when many homeowners scoffed at the idea of a single kitchen island. My, oh my, how times have changed. Nowadays, plenty of homeowners are considering double islands. Add two island units to your kitchen and the space will prove that much more utilitarian and luxurious.

Injecting Color Into the Kitchen

The kitchens of yesteryear primarily had one or two neutral colors. Today, kitchens are becoming that much more color-infused, helping to liven up these otherwise aesthetically drab spaces. Add a couple colored appliances to your kitchen or paint your kitchen cabinets with a bright color and you will find you enjoy spending time in your kitchen all the more.

Kitchens Without Handles

The kitchens of 2021 and beyond are looking quite unique. In particular, the kitchens of the near future will feature handle-less designs. These free-flowing kitchens make it easy to multi-task. Check out the latest kitchen technology and you will find cabinets, drawers and other items open with the mere application of pressure through light pushing with the fingers or the palm of the hand. Furthermore, recessed handles are also available, providing a chic aesthetic sure to make your kitchen look and feel all the more modern.

Metallic is In

Kitchens highlighted by metallic refrigerators, appliances and surfaces are quite eye-catching to say the least. This industrial look harkens all the way back to the 1920s yet is currently considered on-trend. Look for the metallic trend to hold true through 2021 and beyond, possibly shifting from a temporary trend to a permanent kitchen design aesthetic.