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How Granite and Quartz Stack up Against Corian as Kitchen Counter Materials

Galaxy Stones offers customers different material choices for countertops.

When it comes to kitchen counters, most people have heard about the merits of granite and quartz.  However, comparably few are aware of corian’s appeal.  If you are on the prowl for new kitchen counters, you owe it to yourself to consider all available options.  Let’s take a look at how granite, quartz and corian stack up against one another.


Granite is one of the most common kitchen counter materials for good reason.  This durable and strong material takes a beating and still looks amazing.  Granite is certainly available in a wide variety of colors yet its hues aren’t as extensive in variety as those of other kitchen counter materials.  Granite is also distinct in that it is sometimes installed in several pieces, creating seams along the counters.  However, these seams are subtle so they won’t prove visually distracting.

Granite is revered by kitchen counters installers and homeowners alike as it has a truly timeless aesthetic.  This stone visually pops, partially because it is finished in a litany of textures ranging from polished to honed.  The beauty of granite slabs is that much more impactful as they feature specks of several different hues, creating a unique style that ultimately brings out the best in your kitchen.


Quartz stone material is perfect for most homes’ kitchen counters.  You can customize your quartz kitchen counters to your delight, creating a visually pleasing space for dishes, cutting boards, food prep and more.  This engineered stone is available in that many more patterns and colors than granite and most other kitchen counter options.

Choose quartz for your kitchen counters and you’ll find it is quite durable, looking and functioning up to your expectations while also adding some much-appreciated texture.  Quartz is similar to corian to a certain extent as both are engineered stones.  Though some frown at the idea of adding an engineered stone as opposed to a natural stone to their kitchen, coriander can be installed in a wide array of colors, ensuring it pairs perfectly to your kitchen’s current style and décor.


Corian endures a beating without deteriorating in beauty or strength.  This man-made material certainly has a solid surface and is comparably easy to maintain yet it hasn’t reached the same level of popularity as quartz and granite.  Do some additional research on corian kitchen counters and you will find its advanced mixture of natural minerals complete with pure acrylic polymer creates a seamless aesthetic that looks amazing.  You won’t see any seams after your corian kitchen counters are installed, making it that much more visually striking than competing options.

Corian is available in a plethora of patterns and colors as it is synthetic, meaning it is man-made.  However, it must be noted some homeowners consider corian kitchen counters to be somewhat antiquated as opposed to granite and quartz that many view as timeless.

Corian is reasonably priced in spite of the fact that it sets the stage for you, the homeowner, to customize its hue as desired.  Choose this material for your kitchen counters and you’ll have a truly unlimited number of design options, ensuring your kitchen looks uniquely yours.  Corian is also favored as it can be cut and fabricated to the homeowner’s desired level.

In terms of maintenance corian is just as susceptible to scratches and stains as other materials yet regular cleaning will remove the stains/scratches, restoring the counter’s beauty.  Choose this impact-resistant surface and you won’t regret it.