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Kitchen Counter Styles That Bring out the Best in Your Kitchen

Kitchen with granite island and cherry wood cabinetry

The aesthetic of your kitchen counters plays a large part in how this important room of the home looks as a whole.  Choose the right new kitchen counter style for this space and it will elevate its visual beauty to the next level.  Choose the wrong style and you’ll find you aren’t as enthusiastic about spending time in your kitchen.  The wrong kitchen counter aesthetic might even dissuade you from inviting family, friends and neighbors over for get-togethers.  Here’s a quick look at what to focus on when choosing between the many kitchen counter styles.

What to Focus on When Selecting a Kitchen Counter Style

Some homeowners prefer a polished kitchen counter while others are partial to the honed variety.  Honed surfaces are particularly popular as they can be added to a litany of materials ranging from marble to granite, quartz and beyond.  Honed counter finishes are best described as a matte-like finish with minimal or even no sheen.

The type of stone you select for your counters ultimately determines the aesthetic of the honed finish.  Honed finishes are especially visually striking when added to marble kitchen counters as they help to hide any scratches or other visual blemishes that develop over time.

A Dramatic Look

Choose a kitchen counter with a dark hue such as charcoal and it will make a strong visual impact, especially when paired with white, beige, tan or grey cabinets.  A charcoal-colored kitchen counter is aesthetically bold, providing almost a gothic-like look.  A bold kitchen countertop makes a strong visual statement that many consider to be contemporary.  An especially dark kitchen counter, regardless of whether it has a glossy or matte finish, will make items placed atop them such as flower vases and dishes that much more eye-catching.


Kitchen counter patterns are visually sophisticated, providing elegance that otherwise would not be possible.  Opt for an artful pattern, preferably one that is natural, and your kitchen counters will have a luxurious aesthetic that makes you feel as though this part of your home is fit for royalty.

Veining patterns are particularly popular.  Visually silky and smooth veins along the surface of your kitchen counters are as artful as it gets, making a truly indelible impression.

Zero in on Contrast Through Color

Kitchen counters with the right color will brighten up a kitchen that has become visually stale or is over reliant on a monochromatic style.  Even a slight color alteration such as grey or beige will help enhance a kitchen that lacks visual pizzazz.  Choose your kitchen counter colors wisely and they just might become the focal point of this often-frequented part of your home.

Recognize the Merits of Natural Stone

Marble, quartz and granite are three of the best options for new kitchen counters.  These natural rocks are easy on the eyes, durable and particularly strong.  Though granite is comparably porous, it looks amazing.  If porosity is a deal-breaker, consider adding sealant that is non-porous.  Quartz does not require subsequent sealing, holds strong as time progresses and requires minimal maintenance.  Quartz and marble are also held in high regard as they are available in unique patterns and hues that ultimately bring out the best in the kitchen’s overarching aesthetic.

Hone your marble, granite or quartz kitchen countertop and you will conceal scratches as well as scuff marks and other visual blemishes.  The honing of your kitchen counter infuses a sophisticated visual beauty while modernizing the surface for universal and timeless appeal you’ll enjoy looking at in the years and decades to come.