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The Top Reasons why People Love Marble and Granite Counters

Take a look at the reviews for marble and granite counters and you will find homeowners who choose such natural stone for their living space are more than pleased.  Granite and marble counters have true universal appeal that transcends geography as well as demographics.  Let’s take a quick look at the top reasons why people are quick to tout the merits of their marble and granite counters.

An Inside Look at Granite’s Appeal

A large part of the appeal of granite is its sophisticated look.  Granite has the potential to completely change your kitchen’s aesthetic.  This natural stone infuses elegance fit for royalty.  However, granite will not bust your budget.  This material is perfect for both kitchen and bathroom counters as it is affordable without sacrificing quality.

Opt for granite and you will enjoy water resistant counters that can be sanitized and cleaned with ease.  Even if your home has a unique interior color or design, your new granite counters will jive with it just right.  Granite counters are available in all different styles and colors, meaning it will look fantastic in your unique kitchen.

While many other inferior and cheaper counters will fail to stand the test of time, granite is as durable as it gets.  This long-lasting material endures extensive use without faltering.  Choose granite for your new kitchen or bathroom counters and you will find it is nearly impossible to crack or chip.  Granite is also favored as it is non-porous.  Granite counters won’t soak up anything, ultimately making it that much easier to clean up spills and eliminate all germs and bacteria.

Marble has Plenty of Merits

Marble is also rapidly growing in popularity as a countertop material.  Opt for marble and you will find this natural stone has a litany of advantages.  For one, marble holds its beauty as time progresses.  Marble counters do not chip or scratch as easily as other materials.  Marble is also heat resistant.  In other words, you can transition a blazing hot pan from the stove to a marble counter without worry.  It simply does not get any more convenient than that.

Though some criticize marble for being naturally porous, there is a solution to this potential problem in the form of sealing.  Have your marble countertops sealed and you will rest easy knowing this beautiful addition to your home is fully protected.  So don’t worry about the potential for spills to seep on down into your marble.  As long as your marble counter is properly sealed, it will prevent liquids from moving down below, ultimately boosting your home’s value while bringing out the best in your kitchen.

Perhaps the best reason o add new marble counters to your home’s kitchen or bathroom is their visual impact.  Marble looks amazing.  This natural stone has inherent beauty that every homeowner will recognize.  Compare marble’s unique patterns and hues to those of other stones and materials used for kitchen or bathroom counters and you will find marble really does make a much more powerful visual impact.  In fact, you just might find you and your family gravitate toward the kitchen to simply take in the beauty of your lovely new counters.