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Why Homeowners Agree Marble and Granite Counters are Worth Every Penny

Recognize the Inherent Beauty of Natural Stone

If you were to poll homeowners who selected marble or granite for their kitchen counters about their satisfaction with these materials, you would find the vast majority are ecstatic.  Granite and marble are clearly two of the classiest, most upscale, durable and visually striking kitchen counter materials on the market.  Choose either of these materials for your kitchen and you will agree they are worth every penny and then some.

Recognize the Inherent Beauty of Natural Stone

Just about everyone loves the look of natural stone.  A sleek stone countertop has a natural look and feel that simply cannot be replicated with other materials.  Choose marble or granite for your home’s new kitchen counters and you will spend more time in this space than ever before as the stone counters’ natural beauty will draw in you and your family.  The beauty of marble and granite counters is truly timeless, meaning your kitchen counters will still have considerable appear in the years and decades ahead, regardless of whether you stay in your home or sell.

Easy DIY Maintenance

There is a common misconception that granite and marble counters are difficult to take care of.  Such counter materials certainly require some maintenance yet it will not prove difficult or chew up much of your time.  Granite is especially durable and resistant to stains so it won’t require as much ongoing maintenance as marble.  Seal your granite kitchen counter after it is installed and you will find water beads along the surface.  All you have to do is reseal the granite counters once per year.

Opt for marble and you will have a little more maintenance than is necessary with granite yet the upkeep is quick and easy.  A sealant should be added to the marble to prevent fluids and other materials from seeping down.  Clean up spills immediately after they occur and your marble counters will continue to look amazing years after the installation.

The Durable Counters You Covet

A large part of the value and appeal of adding new kitchen counters to the home is durability.  New counters made of high-quality materials such as granite and marble really will prove that much more durable than other materials that are lower in quality.  Granite is hard, impermeable and resistant to heat.  As long as your granite kitchen counters are properly sealed, they will not chip, crack or scratch unless significant force is applied.  Granite does not absorb fluid so there is no reason to worry about stains after spills.  In fact, your granite kitchen counter might even last a full decade before it requires any type of touch-up.

Simply wipe down your granite or marble kitchen counter once or twice per day, seal it when necessary and you will find it proves beautiful and functional for a decade or even longer.  If you were to opt for a cheaper material for your new kitchen counters, you would likely have to replace it years sooner, meaning you would spend that much more money over the long haul.  Choose marble or granite and you will sleep soundly knowing the money spent for your new kitchen counters will continue to pay dividends for upwards of an entire decade or longer.