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How Long do Marble and Granite Counters Really Last?

Part of the reason why more and more people are choosing marble and granite counters is the fact that these natural stones stand the test of time.  Compare the useful lifespans of marble and granite counters with those of other varieties and you will find these natural stones last longer than most competing counter materials.  Though granite and marble require a decent amount of money to install, they end up paying you back as the years go by, providing a lovely surface for food prep that looks amazing across posterity.

Granite Counters’ Lifespan

Granite counters are particularly hard, meaning they prove resistant to the aging process including indentations, staining, etc.  Granite measures at 6 to 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness that indicates the hardness, strength and resistance to scratching.  This high number indicates granite is quite hard and strong, meaning it will prove resistant to scratching and look impressive as time moves forward.  Granite is highly resistant to such damage as it is rigid, thick, hard and unlikely to endure cracking that would inevitably lead to considerable weakness.

Granite lasts longer than other counter materials as it is a natural stone.  Such stones have the potential to last an entire century or even longer.  A large part of the appeal of granite is that it does not require a significant amount of upkeep and maintenance.  This surface can easily endure considerable wear and tear daily and still look perfect in the years ahead.

You can extend the lifespan of your granite counters even longer by taking preventative measure such as sealing them.  Periodic sealing prevents staining and other visual flaws that will compromise granite’s aesthetics and strength.  Choose high-quality granite with a track record of success when used for other homes’ kitchen cabinets and you won’t spend a single second worrying about bacteria growth that might reduce counter longevity.

Marble Counters’ Lifespan

In general, you can expect your marble counters to last about two decades.  Though marble as a stone has the potential to hold strong for a full century, when used in countertops, it typically lasts about 20 years or so.  Marble, a natural stone, stands the test of time largely because of the way it forms.  Marble is created with the considerable application of heat and pressure.

Choose marble for your kitchen counters and you will be more than impressed with their visual beauty as well as their build.  Natural marble stone is inherently resistant to heat, meaning it will prove that much more durable as time progresses.  In other words, you will feel 100% confident cooking at high temperatures by these counters and placing pans and pots onto cooling pads atop your counters prior to serving your family.

In the end, the life expectancy of your marble counters will be determined by its quality as well as your willingness to maintain these surfaces.  Seal your marble counters and you will have done your part to slow its gradual deterioration.  It will also help to regularly clean your marble to extend its lifespan.  Regular cleaning eliminates the food residue that accumulates along the surface.  Address all spills right away, do not let acidic fluids contact your marble countertop and you will find it looks and functions exactly as expected for upwards of several decades.