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Looking for Truly Timeless Kitchen Counters? Consider Marble and Granite

Few surface materials are legitimately timeless.  Marble and granite are two such materials.  Add marble or granite counters to your kitchen and they will retain their beauty, proving on-trend and visually pleasing through the 2020s, the 2030s, the 2040s and beyond.  In short, marble and granite will always be trendy, chic and visually pleasing.

Marble’s Natural Beauty

Marble is a 100% natural material, making it quite different from other materials used for kitchen counters such as laminate.  There is no sense adding ugly plastic resin that is combined with paper and subsequently laminated when marble is available.  Marble is resistant to scratching.  More importantly, marble is eye-pleasing.  This is an all-natural, low maintenance kitchen counter surface that you will love for years and decades to come.  In fact, if you decide to sell your house, your marble counters just might help escalate a bidding war.

Aside from standing the test of time from a functional perspective, the most important quality of your kitchen counters is their appearance.  Marble is a truly elegant natural stone that retains its beauty as time progresses.  Whether you pass your house down to your kids, give it to your grandkids or someone else in your family at some point down the line, they will absolutely love the gorgeous look of the marble countertops.  In fact, marble is available in several hundred unique shades, colors and patterns.  If you want your marble kitchen counters customized even more, you can have their edges designed exactly as you like.

Granite is Also a Timeless Kitchen Counter Material

Granite, another natural stone, looks just as beautiful as marble when used for kitchen counters.  Your granite kitchen counters will still be as beautiful 20 years from now as they are today.  This is precisely why more and more homeowners are choosing granite for their kitchen.  Add in the fact that granite counters are durable and have the potential to last two full decades and there is even more reason to add them to your kitchen.

Granite is specifically cut to fit your kitchen’s unique cabinets.  This means you won’t end up with any annoying grout or seams where crumbs collect.  If your granite ends up with food, spills or anything else on it, simply wipe it down – that’s all there is to it.  Your marble will prove visually striking several years and decades down the line, meaning it will not tarnish, crack or suffer any other sort of visual imperfections as time progresses.

The finish you select for your marble counters is the metaphorical icing on the cake.  This means aside from choosing the color of your marble kitchen counter, you will also choose its polish.  Choose wisely and this polish just might transform the aesthetic of your kitchen counters.  Polished is the most popular granite finish that makes the counter appear smooth and glossy.  Flamed generates a lovely marbled sheen.

Leathered finishes have become popular in recent years, featuring diminutive dimpling that looks amazing today and will also look quite impressive across posterity.  If you want timeless granite kitchen counters with minimal buffing, consider the matte finish known as honed.

Opt for Natural Stone and Don’t Look Back!

Marble and granite are the most visually pleasing natural stone options for kitchen counters on the market.  Granite, an igneous rock positioned deep below ground, is created when quartz endures considerable pressure and heat, ultimately generating a highly unique look that will please everyone in your home today and also those who live in it decades from now. See our selections available or call for details.