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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for the new Year


If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen in 2022, don’t dive right into the project assuming a basic approach will suffice.  Take your time, review the kitchen remodeling trends of the new year and choose one that aligns with your vision for how your kitchen should look and function.  Here’s a quick look at the top kitchen remodeling trends of the new year.

Light Hues are En Vogue

To the surprise of no one, light hues are in style for the new year, continuing a trend that highlighted the year gone by.  Beige, cream and white colored kitchen cabinets are clearly one of the year’s hottest trends.  Stainless steel appliances are also quite trendy as they complement the light hues to perfection.

Big Kitchen Islands

Expansive kitchen islands are on trend in the new year.  A growing number of kitchen islands added to homes throughout the country are in excess of seven feet in length.  The added kitchen island space makes it that much easier to prepare meals, converse with family members and even get some work done when you don’t want to sit at a conventional desk or table

Kitchen Counter Slabs That Make a Statement

Bold countertops that make a powerful visual impression have emerged as one of the top trends of the new year.  Granite and quartz are especially popular countertop choices.  Industry experts anticipate bold stone counters will become even trendier as the new year progresses.  From veined marble to quartz, granite and beyond, bold counter slabs and backsplashes that are both horizontally and vertically visible are clearly on trend.

Artful Wood Finish

Primed wood is square in the spotlight through the initial quarter of the year as attention shifts to sustainable and natural materials.  Kitchens featuring butcher blocks, exposed beams and additional wood finishes are particularly popular.  The use of wood balances quite nicely with stone slabs and stainless steel appliances, making the kitchen look and feel as though it has considerable depth.

Vinyl Floors are Gaining Momentum

Though hardwood kitchen floors are the most popular choice, vinyl is growing in popularity.  Vinyl is quickly gaining ground on hardwood with each passing day.  Even if vinyl doesn’t surpass hardwood in terms of popularity, it is clear that this material is more popular than porcelain and ceramic tile.  Vinyl has emerged as one of the top floor options as it is relatively affordable, proves resistant to water and is soft to the touch.

The Rise of Specialty Cabinets

Specialty cabinets are all the rage as we transition through the new year.  Specialty drawer organizers are also gaining ground in popularity.  It is clear that homeowners are looking for creative storage solutions to keep kitchen clutter properly organized.  In particular, pull-out style recycling and waste bins along with cookie trays designed to hold have emerged as especially popular to start the new year.

Slightly Flawed Finishes

Though it might seem counterintuitive, more and more homeowners are shifting away from the high-gloss aesthetic found in new kitchens in favor of fixtures and finishes that are imperfect.  Between handmade tiles, unlacquered brass and blurry paint hues, there are plenty of ways to implement imperfect yet artful finishes into a kitchen.

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