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Traditional Cabinets Vs. Modern Cabinets

The addition of new cabinets to your kitchen or bathroom will redefine the space.  The choice between traditional and modern cabinets shapes the room’s look and feel.  Here’s a quick look at what to focus on when deciding between traditional and modern cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom or other room.

Modern Cabinets

Modern cabinets have a sleek, clean and fairly simpledesign.  These compact spaces are angular at the edges, creating a contemporary look.  Modern cabinets are typically grey, white or a similar understated hue in color.  Metal, glass, wood, laminate and high gloss make modern cabinets look that much sleeker.

If you want the cabinets to be that extra special finishing element to your kitchen, modern cabinets will certainly make a statement.  Consider adding floating shelves to make your kitchen look that much more modern.  You’ll enjoy a tidy, clean, precise and minimalist kitchen that is efficient, simple and has an almost futuristic look.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets are typically warmer in color than those of the modern variety.  Natural wood and other natural materials are used in kitchen cabinets and other components of traditional kitchens.  Some traditional cabinets are stained and painted for more of a cozy and traditional look.   Traditional cabinets are often bulkier and darker in color than modern cabinets yet still inviting and warm.  Opt for traditional cabinets and you’ll agree they are highly functional while visually striking enough to still draw attention.

Traditional kitchen cabinets often feature unique shapes and designs including curving, sloping and edged surfaces.  However, most such cabinets have wood and are rich in color and color, often including cherry or mahogany.  The panels of traditional cabinets are typically plain in color, have straight lines, shiny surfaces and a truly timeless design.

Your traditional cabinets will serve as the perfect blend between function and form, providing easily accessible storage spaces along with something beautiful to look at each time you enter the room.  Traditional cabinets paired with an artful backsplash make otherwise plain kitchen come to life.  If you have any questions as to which type of cabinet or backsplash is ideal for your particular kitchen, our design experts are here to help you pick out the best new kitchen components.

Consider the Rest of Your Kitchen Design

When in doubt, consider the overarching theme of your kitchen.  Align the cabinet design with that of the remainder of the room for visual uniformity’s sake and you’ll likely be more than happy with your new cabinets.  Ask for assistance from one of our renovation specialists and we’ll help you find the perfect new kitchen counters, cabinets and additional components.

The right combination of new kitchen counters with cabinets and other design elements will make your new kitchen, bathroom or other room in the home come to life.  Take some time to envision the layout of your newly improved kitchen after it is remodeled and we’ll ensure the cabinets stand out as the highlights.

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